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Watercolor Brush Artist Painting Refillable Pen

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There has never before been a Watercolor Brush Artist Painting Refillable Pen with such a wide variety. You can pick from a huge selection of vibrant, highly saturated hues. Each marker ink has both complementary and primary colors that work well together to give your artwork additional dimension. Make the most of your imagination by using these inks! And create art in new and innovative ways!

  • Material: Plastic
  • Quantity: 1Pcs/3pcs/6Pcs

    More About The Product:

    Better Texture: Using these makers, you may create a variety of clear, understated transparency effects. Additionally, you can effortlessly combine these markers to create stunning hues. A perfect drawing can be created from carefully chosen color combinations is a cost-effective option. 

    Premium Quality: Each color has strong working qualities, excellent tinting strength, and transparency. This watercolor set is portable and incredibly simple to use, and it is suitable for outdoor, indoor, and studio painting.

    They Are Safe: The colors are vivid, non-toxic, highly pigmented, clear, and crisp, making them ideal for children and beginners in the arts. Can be a great choice to gift it to somebody.