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Professional Wood Colored Pencils Set

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All the colored marker pens, colored pencils, pastels, and crayons have a homogeneous feel and flawless adhesion to produce uniform coloring. The colors are vivid and distinct. The storage container is robust and long-lasting. This Professional Wood Colored Pencils Set will bring out the painting insect hidden inside you in a beautiful way on a drawing sheet. 


  • Size:27*20*5 cm, 34.5*20*4.5 cm

 More About The Product:

Premium Quality Pencils: These pencils transfer color to paper swiftly and evenly since they are made with natural wood barrels and high-quality pigments. It is ideal for a coloring enthusiast. 

Easy To Use: These pencils blend and dissolve effortlessly to produce a variety of new hues. They resist breaking and are simple to sharpen and are break resistant. 

Can Be A Great Gift: These colored pencils can be used to gift to your loved ones and it will surely bring smiles to your kid's face.