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Natural Tone Ruler Ink Stone

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´╗┐This┬á´╗┐Natural Tone Ruler Ink Stone┬á´╗┐is ideal for those looking to add a natural touch to their writing. The stone is unbleached and absorbs ink naturally, giving your work a rustic appearance. The ink stone is also useful for calligraphy and other artistic endeavors.

Details :

  • Size: 17.8cm*4.5cm*24cm*8cm

More About The Product:

Texture: Dip the brush into several inkstone locations to change the color. The inks' color intensity decreases when more water is added. It efficiently grinds ink from the ink stick thanks to its smooth inner surface.

Perfect For Calligraphy: Extremely ideal for calligraphy students, and collectors, and is also a thoughtful gift for loved ones who also enjoy the art form. Ideal for instructors, students, art enthusiasts, Chinese calligraphy fans, and other people in need.