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Multi-Function Large Storage Art Supplies Bag

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This Multi-Function Large Storage Art Supplies Bag is large enough to store almost all of your materials, but not so big that it becomes cumbersome to carry. The bag is made of durable materials and has a number of handy features, including several pockets and pouches for smaller items, a comfortable shoulder strap, and a sturdy carrying handle. Best of all, the stylish pattern makes it perfect for modern artists and crafters.


  • Pattern: Diamond Lattice
  • Dimensions: 49 x 36cm

More About The Product: 

Attractive Built Quality: The art portfolio backpack is what you need if you dislike mornings yet believe that colors may make a world of difference. This bag, which is made of vibrant colors, may be used as a purse or a backpack. This gives you the choice to use your hands if your back ever becomes sore.

Waterproof Material: When it rains, your belongings are protected from becoming wet by the waterproof material used to make the interior of the bag. It features four distinct kinds of pockets, each of which has the capacity to contain a different item at any one moment, such as a drawing board, a laptop, a sketchbook, or pencils.

Comfortable To Carry: The shoulders of the canvas bag are joined, and the automatic knotting machine is used for reinforcement and beauty, and the quality is further ensured. The buckle of the strap can be freely changed to fit persons of different heights.