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Mini Natural Wood Cotton Easel Frame

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$9.99 - $29.99
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Mini Natural Wood Cotton Easel Frame is ideal for use with oil, alkyd, and acrylic paints. simply cut into various sizes and framed however desired. Prepared for usage archival-quality canvas rolls with anti-fungal treatment and two coatings of primer ensure the lifetime of the artwork.


  • Type: Painting Canvas

More About The Product:

Excellent Performance: It works well to place on canvas to hold it securely while you staple or tack it into place because of the broad mouth and uneven surface. From oils and acrylics to gouache and tempera, these panels are ideal for a variety of media.

Durable And Lightweight: Enjoy all the advantages of painting on canvas without the difficulty of transporting a stretched canvas on a frame. Because these panels are lightweight and flat, it's simple to transport and store your creations.

Can Be An Amazing Gift: Adults, professionals, children, and students who are just starting out. Can be gifted to your loved ones and hence, giving them a fantastic painting experience.