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Disposable Tear-Off Palette Paper Paint Palette Paper Pad

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The most common colors for the Disposable Tear-Off Palette Paper Paint Palette Paper Pad sticker labels are attractive and very useful at the same time. The stickers are very adhesive and remain in place even on uneven surfaces. You can quickly mark your items with these labels so they stand out from the competition while remaining sealed.


  • Size 1:253*253mm
  • Size 2:250*350mm
  • 60gsm acid-free paper
  • 253*253mm/250*350mm
  • Sheet: 30Sheet/20Sheet
  • Palette Paper for Acrylic / Oil Paint / Gouache

More About The Product:

Amazing Design: These are designed with large, eye-catching prints and gorgeous expressions to make it easy to notice the words and numbers even from a distance while keeping them locked in. They are made with great and vibrant plans that your kids will undoubtedly appreciate.

Great Material: Our Pastel papers are manufactured specifically with premium, sturdy card stock paper, smooth covering, and sprinkle-safe construction. Our small children's streak cards are printed in a sturdy box that will allow your children to easily keep their letter and number streak cards.

Great Way To Make Children Learn: We are all aware that learning is more effective when it is enjoyable. The wooden squares can be arranged by kids and they can match the courts to the cards. It is an excellent approach for children to achieve skills with letters in order and numbers. It improves their color awareness, dexterity, and critical thinking skills, and it develops the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.