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Classic Fountain Pen - Pistol Nib

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Elevate your writing experience with the Classic Fountain Pen - Pistol Nib.

Unveil its distinctive writing prowess, attributed to its unique nib design. Inspired by the grace of a falcon's beak, this nib flexes effortlessly, granting your writing a dynamic range akin to traditional brush and point pen calligraphy.

Elevate your everyday writing and create captivating calligraphy with ease, bypassing the complexities of a dip pen.


  • Exceptional Writing Dynamics: Revel in sweeping strokes and tapers, courtesy of the distinctive Pistol Nib of the Classic Fountain Pen.

  • Falcon-Inspired Nib Design: The nib's resemblance to a falcon's beak ensures easy flexing for remarkable line variations, reminiscent of traditional brushwork.

  • Sophisticated Flair: Infuse your writing with a touch of sophistication, turning everyday words into artful expressions.

  • Effortless Calligraphy: Craft stunning calligraphy without the complexities of a dip pen, making creativity accessible.

  • Crafted for Quality: The pen's form and function exude exceptional craftsmanship, reflecting dedication to superior writing instruments.

  • Convenient Ink Transfer: Easily refill the pen by unscrewing the barrel and immersing the nib into the ink bottle, ensuring an efficient cartridge refill process.


  • Express your style with the Classic Fountain Pen - Pistol Nib in your preferred color, offered in a choice of two distinct shades.