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Bottled Painting Pigment Set

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The paint's bold and fresh tones will make your artwork appear sparkling and bright. By combining and contrasting several colors, you can experiment with the same and produce new hues. Because they are washable, non-toxic, and rich in color, these Bottled Painting Pigment Set make it fun and interesting to paint and color on canvas.


  • Color Quantity: 24 Color Bottles
  • High Saturation, Durable and Stable
  • Easy to Clean without residue
  • Colour quality: High quality

More About The Product: 

Creamy Texture: The creamy texture and rich pigment content provide excellent coverage for both big areas and little details. It comes with great mixability moreover, the clarity and brightness provide excellent color blending to offer a wider color pallet of colors and tones.

Perfect For Arts: The majority of painting surfaces, including Canvas, Paper, Wood, Fabric, Leather, Cardboard, MDF, and Crafts, are suited for most artistic mediums and techniques.

Great Finish: These acrylic paints will apply to canvas, paper, wood, porcelain, etc. without any difficulty and quickly dry to a nice finish. Any artist can use our acrylic painting kit, which has non-toxic, long-lasting brilliance. Using these color tubes is a wonderful method to teach kids about the beauty of the painting.