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Antique Style Calligraphy Brush Holder

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Original price $64.99 - Original price $129.99
Original price
$64.99 - $129.99
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 This Antique Style Calligraphy Brush Holder is all that you need while sitting on your paint desk. Now brush down your feelings and emotions on the canvas with ease using this holder. It comes with a classy design and is available in various styles. It helps the brush to dry faster. 


  • Quantity:¬†1pc
  • Style: Traditional calligraphy
  • Style 1:¬†40x12x43cm (14 hangers)
  • Style¬†2: 35x26.5x37.5cm (12 hangers)
  • Style¬†3: 31.5x6.2x45cm (10 hangers)
  • Style¬†4: 31.5x6.2x45cm (12 hangers)
  • Style¬†5: 13.5x13.5x42cm (11 hangers)
  • Style¬†6: 42x14x44cm(large size)(14 hangers)

More About The Product:

Unique Design: This paintbrush holder can accommodate several brushes of various sizes. It is light in weight and adorable to look at. It Maintains the brushes in a downright position to maintain their quality and speed up drying. 

Durable Material: It is composed of good quality material and safeguards your brushes from harm. It is great to keep brushes, watercolor pens, and painting pencils organized. Moreover, it is easy to clean. Can be wiped with a damp cloth. 

Uses: Maintain a spotless desk and use the storage rack to easily and quickly locate the desired color. This paint rack is a good partner for you if you're creating oil paintings or painting by numbers.