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3 Pcs Calligraphy Brush Set

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This is specially made to give you the ideal balance of comfort and balance, giving you the steady stroke that every artist seeks. 3 Pcs Calligraphy Brush Set provides you the opportunity to focus on little details and work closely while providing more control. These artist paint brushes spring back and have the best liquid holding capacity.


  • Product: Water-storing calligraphy brush
  • Size: length 240mm

More About The Product:

Soft Bristles: Synthetic bristles that are extremely smooth and do not stray, after cleaning, they keep their shape remains intact and soft. These bristles provide a flawless finish for your artwork.

Elegant Design: Solid wooden handles that are naturally balanced for comfort and mobility. provides more brush control when painting close to the canvas. They provide you with more precision and control for work that requires fine detail.

Care To Be Taken: To clean, just wash your hands, the paintbrush, or the palette with soap and water. If there are any spills on clothes, blot them while they are still wet with water or window cleaner.

Gives Perfect Stroke: Perfect for using in wide spaces, blending, washes, and other painting techniques. The Brush Size is Easily Selectable since each brush is labeled with a number. Smooth and Consistent paint flow with the exceptional liquid holding capacity.