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12 Set Mineral Paints

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12 Set Mineral Paints, acrylic solid pigments are used in the paint industry to produce unique effects and give a jewel-like gloss. However, unlike traditional water-based paints, our high-quality paintĀ is completely solid and will stay intact with no worry of dripping or spilling.


  • Material: Mineral Paints

More About The Product:

Innovative Formulation:Ā An innovative new solid acrylic formulation in a variety of opalescent colors to give your surfaces a jewel-like gloss. Each color is specially prepared to exhibit the greatest clarity and brilliance while maintaining the ideal consistency for simple mixing and blending. It also possesses high degrees of permanence, opacity, and pigment strength.

Great Options:Ā Paints are the best option for both professional and amateur painters. They apply smoothly and provide a beautiful sheen to a variety of surfaces, including glass, paper, and canvas.

Uses:Ā Use it to update your home's furnishings, such as candlesticks, vases, baskets, frames, and mirrors. basically, anything that comes to mind. You may apply it to any type of front door, including laminate, wood, and metal.